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The Joy of Learning Something New

Recently, I've learned how to create animated videos through cartoon animations. Though it was very challenging when I started. By the time I was able to make my first video and publish it on YouTube I was so proud of myself that the first thing I wanted to do again was a new video.

I like to read a lot, especially technical content.

I consider myself an arduous reader. Because when I'm reading, little things like line height, font family, and colour of the text affects me. It totally removes my attention because, at least for me, reading without a good font, and a good line height can be suffering.

This is one of the things that when we learn how to read that way. We never go back.

So, for me. To read a nice text over the internet. It should have at least a font size of 18px and a line-height of 1.8. In case the text is not possible, I use my hacker abilities and open some dev tools of the browser, and change for myself.

I like the Ubuntu font family a lot. I've put this font family on my Kindle device to read(by the way, if you want to see what I'm reading at the moment, you can check out my goodreads profile).

So, in order to maintain my sanity in this world. I like to see a different perspective on everything I see and I'm always open to trying new things.

Where is the joy?

There are a lot of people that simply enjoy life by being alive, drinking, walking, dancing, etc... Whatever you do, if it pleases you I highly recommend you to continue doing it.

If something you're doing now does not please you(I'm not talking about things related to work, which in summary we don't like but we do that because we need to pay bills), you should throw it away and search for a new "hobby".

For everything we do in life, if somehow it's something not related to what we are, like or planning to be. We shouldn't be doing it.

Okay, I like what I'm doing now. What I want to show here are some points that every time you reach something you don't know, these points should be considered to start this new journey.

Remember my dear, the only thing in this world that can give us an opportunity to have a better life and live the way we want is education.

How learning new things helps us

Alongside the things about learning. It can help us grow both professionally and personally. And many times we don't consider the reasons why it is so powerful.

I searched a bit on the internet about some things related to the joy of learning that I totally agree with. Something like:

  • To develop a new skill;
  • Become better informed about events(can also be current);
  • Find a new hobby;
  • Satiate our curiosity.

But let's be honest, the coolest thing about learning a new thing is that it can change us. I come from a poor family and the only thing that got me where I am now was my education.

I remember the only alert my mother gave me when I was going to school:- Remember my dear, the only thing in this world that can give us an opportunity to have a better life and live the way we want is education.

Learning things outside of our comfort zone can help us to have a better view of the world.

Continuously Learning

That's one of the things I really do on a daily basis. It never felt like I know the entire subject. Always there's something missing about the subject I'm learning.

Some key points that I got when doing a video about this topic was:

  • We need to take care of our own education;
  • There are a lot of great resources out there, books, magazines, articles, etc...;
  • Following great people that produce content on the subject we're interested in.

These are just some points.

Recently, I made a video about continuously learning new things. Take a look below:

Continuously Learning
Points to be updated and marketable. (3min)


Whatever you do. Be grateful for what you are and for being alive.

I like a lot learn from the errors of others. That's one of the motives I started this blog. I have a description in my Quora profile that says exactly the way I think about learning.

I never live for the sake of another person and I never ask anyone to live for the sake of mine. I only accept voluntary trade for mutual benefit.

Yep, that is what you read. This blog is a mutual benefit for me and you. I do videos because I want to learn something new, share with the community and show the errors I had so other people can benefit from them.

And why not earn some money along the way?