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It’s Nice To Be Important, But It’s More Important To Be Nice

We live in a society, everything we do, act, has a role in our family, friends, community, neighbourhood, state or even in your country. Sometimes, actions from important people affects the entire world.

Not everyone is aware of that, and to be honest sometimes we shouldn’t. To maintain our minds sane, we need to ignore a lot of things we see and feel. And you’re right, not everyone is prepared for some truths regarding the world we live in.

However, one thing is important: we need to treat others well if we want to be treated well. It’s a win-to-win step that I think everyone should be always trying to achieve.

Coming back!

Mind your Manners

Truth be told, a well-mannered person is difficult to find nowadays.

One of the things that happens to me someone new sees my name, they spell it wrong. I’m not saying everyone should say my name the way I want, but, if the person could try to understand it first and then call me the right way. This shows to me that this person care about how people want to be called. And it’s a nice thing to do.

Our life is here and now.

In workplace, this should be essencial for everyone around you. By the way, we live in a society. And by saying that, we need to respect each other spaces.

Always Try to Show Appreciation

We know, one of the main things we have in our life is time. And, at least for me, time well spent is with people we love. So, try to be genuine about the time you spend with other people . Try to be grateful about your life. Everyone around you should be happy as well.

If you made a mistake(it happens, everyone made and will make), try not to focus on the error that you made. Show regret for something that you made wrong, apologise for the people that’s involved in the situation is always a good thing to do.


We live in a world where people can’t stop talking.

Everyone around is trying to show their best way of something they did or is doing. But when the subject is listening, they fail a lot.

Our life is here and now, look in the eyes. Listen to their stories before saying anything. Try to understand every nuances of the story the person is talking about. Everyone you know have a history of success, errors, hits and misses.

Listening well to these stories is a big win-win for you, the person you’re talking to and everyone else. And I’m very happy that you’re reading this here, because you’re listening to me 💕.

And last, but not least. I think the most important lesson here is empathy. We, as human, have feelings. Bad moments and good moments is a thing in our life. I know it's difficult to achieve that, but if everyday we try to be a better person. Everyone around us should benefit from that. Even us.

This is some steps to be a better person everyday.