Randson Software Engineer

Continuously Learning

You know, software now is more distributed than ever. And let’s be honest, we know a lot of people can do our work. We need to learn a lot to stay updated with the news and be marketable.

If we don’t do that, we’re gonna be stuck in the same job, doing the same thing for years. And that’s a not a problem, unless we’re not needed anymore in our jobs.

Some companies provide a lot of resources for us to be updated. And some of them, decide to cut costs. Which is totally understandable.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We need to take care about our own education.

Thinking about that, I've prepared a list of things we can do now to maintain us updated. Yes, it’s a lot of resources. However, we can leverage the resources as we wish, in our own time.

And the coolest thing about all of this, is that most of them are free on the internet.

And the first one I recommend you to start is with books, blogs posts and magazines. There are some Twitter threads that can teach a lot of things.

Another great resource is study groups. Gather some friends who have the same interest as you. Choose an interesting subject and prepare daily, weekly or monthly meetings to talk about the subject you guys studied.

We have a lot of great resources to be discovered. Gather your preferred open source tool, go to their website and see their code. If you’re on GitHub, for example. Check the pull requests, issues and their documentation, we can learn a lot about the the tool we’re using. And by doing this, we’re gonna learn a lot about how things is organized. And probably along the way we can help them with something.

I know, not everyone of us is prepared to do presentation in front of a lot of people. But believe me, teaching in meetups, conferences or even to your coworker can be a lot useful. To be honest, this is how I learn a lot from.

As I mentioned about conferences, that's one of the things I really enjoy doing. Meeting new people with the same idea as I am now. Talk about matters I'm reading or studying at the moment. This is a really nice thing and I highly recommend you to do.

And don't forget about nice podcasts out there. We can learn a lot by listening to experiences and stories of people. If you have long commute to your home or work, don't ignore them.

And last but not least, not always we need to learn about technology. I know, learning about tech is great. But we can also learn new subjects from Psychology, Biology, Finance. We have a lot of new subjects to study. Don’t be attached to something and always be open minded. Is my advice for you.

And I think the most important lesson here is: enjoy the ride.