Randson Software Engineer

Coming back to blogging after a long time away

Ever since I built this blog back in 2014, I’ve posted some posts. However, you know. A lot of things to tackle regarding my personal study and life.

But a lot changed since my decision to build my channel on YouTube(which I highly recommend you to check it out). Now, more than ever I'm back to produce more content for the community and for myself.

Coming back!

How I did this blog?

The engine is the same, Jekyll along the way. What a most liked about this version is that now I put the dark mode support, for those who like it like I like.

More than ever the theme is matching what I'm doing now. I like cartoon animation a lot. As now you know it, you should wait for more content with some nice drawings here and in my channel on YouTube.

Why cartoon animations?

This is as simple as just draw in some whiteboard back in school. What I'm trying to achieve(and I think I'm making it) here is the simplicity of trying to explain complex things with simple drawings.

If I achieve that, everyone should benefit from this. Even I, because now I'm know more about the subject and I'm more available to teach people near me.

In the future soon probably I'll put some background related to planets and stars to make this more fun and enjoyable. And as you know, with cartoon's way.

Which technical community will I be involved?

For now, as I am writing Elixir code. So I should produce more content regarding the language. But don't think it's gonna be just this content. What I like most about teaching something, is teach about things that doesn't get outdated very soon.

There are some key topics I want to tackle which involves:

  • Distributed software;
  • Concurrecy & Parallelism;
  • Typography;
  • HTTP.

These are some I could think of now. Also there's a lot of hot topics I want to tackle too.

I should say I'm a lot excited to do that.

If you're interest in what I'm doing now and what I'll do in the future. Please follow me on Twitter, so you can see what I did the moment it go out.